Back to Practice Mini Series: day 3

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Day 1, Mailchimp is set.

Day 2 Online scheduling good to go!

In this session we look at how you can write an email to acknowledge those who booked onto your waitlist from your last email, and persuade those who did not respond to get on your waitlist.

Some may have really simple but important concerns such as safety.

Others may just be uncertain how things will work and need some reassurance 

Today Tracey shows you how to craft an email that will help gently break through those objections whilst setting up your waitlist for when the time comes.

Also why you should be doing your clinic checks now. Cleaning, maintenance and stock needs to be done in plenty of time to avoid last minute issues.

Let’s make the last week of your lockdown/holiday/maternity leave relaxed and easy.

Tracey Kiernan

Tracey Kiernan

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