Back to Practice Mini Series: Day 5 Online Q&A for Clients

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Today we are going to look at creating a live Q&A session for your clients as you prepare them to return to practice. This final email is aimed at helping everyone be prepared for when they come in. It will also help those who have not yet joined your waitlist to first gain reassurance if they have concerns or are shielding. Also you could run an advice session for those people who have objections about coming in person just to reconnect with them and help them until they can come in. Please remember to work within your PA and insurance compliance guidelines for all online working. If you need help with any of this or are looking for further help with your business take a look at our range fo business and mindset courses right here

You may also wish to join our 3 day course The 6 Figure Therapist Activation where we will show you exactly how I built a six figure business in 4 months, and you can too. Register here to be in with a chance of grabbing a free place 

Tracey Kiernan

Tracey Kiernan

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