TMJ – The Epidemic Within the Pandemic

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TMJ has always been a major problem with up to 75% of the population experiencing some symptoms at some point in their life. (1)

Then the pandemic came along…

Dentists are now describing TMJ Syndrome as the epidemic within the pandemic.


Just yesterday one of our therapists went for a dental check up, and mentioned he was now trained in TMJ Therapy®. He told me:

“The dentist said that there is an epidemic of TMJD and they just send to dental surgeons…but now he has asked for my card “

This was not news to me. I have been seeing this new epidemic building over the last 12 months but why is it happening?

  • Stress: as people struggle with the trauma of dealing with life with Covid 19, money worries, job worries, living in lockdown has all taken its toll.
  • People who have been hospitalised on ventilators will develop problems from TMJ including potential damage to the vocal chords.
  • Sleep disturbances and disordered breathing patterns brought on by stress will have an impact.
  • Bruxism (tooth grinding) through all of the above
  • Anxiety, family problems and relationship issues
  • Changes in the bite due to lack of access to dentistry leading to loss of fillings crowns and even teeth.
  • Poorly fitting dentures which are not being replaced during the lockdowns situation

And more…

Research has shown a major upswing in TMJ Syndrome across the world.

The following study published in October 2020 draws the conclusion:

“ The coronavirus pandemic has caused significant adverse effects on the psychoemotional status of both Israeli and Polish populations, resulting in the intensification of their bruxism and TMD symptoms and thus leading to increased orofacial pain.” (2)

Dentistry UK states:

“For example, prevalence of jaw clenching and bruxism increased to 47% from its pre-pandemic level of 35% pre-pandemic. Jaw clenching in the daytime shot up from around 17% to 32%. Similarly, teeth grinding at night rose from 10% to 36%.   

And participants who had suffered from these symptoms before the onset of the pandemic reported a rise of about 15% in their severity.” (3)

In research published in February 2021 Asquini et al concluded:

“Our results revealed that people with chronic TMD were more susceptible to the distress caused by COVID-19 with a deterioration of their psychological status, worsening of CS and increased chronic facial pain severity. Although the generalisability of the results is limited, clinicians managing people with TMDs should consider these preliminary findings by providing greater support and care to these patients during the COVID-19 pandemic or other stressful events.”

Which means appropriately trained TMJ Therapists are needed now more than ever!

Traditional treatments often do not bring relief and sufferers may spend thousands of dollars looking for an answer.

In 2000 my TMJ Therapy® protocol changed all that as I showed in clinical practice how we could bring relief to many of the symptoms using myofascial body work and gentle intra oral work.

My years of experience had led to me developing my World Renowned TMJ Therapy® protocol by working with hundreds of real clients to determine exactly what works.
This was pretty groundbreaking work way back in 2000

In 2005 created my first introductory training course for therapists.

I then went on to develop my fully accredited qualification, an advanced diploma in TMJ Therapy®

As the years have passed my knowledge and experience has grown as did the training.
I have trained hundreds of therapists in my method across the globe as far away as USA and Australia who are helping people out of pain and restriction daily

If you would love to learn more, or discover how YOU can train to be a TMJ Therapist read more on our accredited online blended learning courses here 

The world needs you now more than ever!

Why should you train with Tracey Kiernan at Blend Therapy Training?

• 20 years as a dental professional PLUS 20 years as a degree level clinical massage specialist
• 21 years as the creator of the original and UK’s leading TMJ Therapy® Training (Insert link to the TMJ Page on site here)
• Creator of the pioneering Working with Head and Neck Trauma and Intra Oral Scars
• Creator of the groundbreaking TMJSOS® Self-help Online System
• 20 years experience teaching to degree level all over the UK
• Invited to teach her own protocol in Europe
• Sought after author for articles and publications on TMJ Syndrome and
• World Renowned Sought after speaker at international bodywork events on TMJ Therapy®

Tracey Kiernan RDN: BTEC6: Cert Ed: Creator of TMJ Therapy®


(1) https://www.practicalpain maxillofacial/tmj/early-treatment-tmj-may-prevent-chronic-pain-disability

(2) /pmc/articles/PMC7601612/ Emodi-Perlman A, Eli I, Smardz J, et al. Temporomandibular Disorders and Bruxism Outbreak as a Possible Factor of Orofacial Pain Worsening during the COVID-19 Pandemic-Concomitant Research in Two Countries. J Clin Med. 2020;9(10):3250. Published 2020 Oct 12. doi:10.3390/jcm9103250

(3) 2020/11/26/covid-pandemic-increased-bruxism/

(4) plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0245999 Asquini G, Bianchi AE, Borromeo G, Locatelli M, Falla D (2021) The impact of Covid-19-related distress on general health, oral behaviour, psychosocial features, disability and pain intensity in a cohort of Italian patients with temporomandibular disorders. PLoS ONE 16(2): e0245999. .pone.0245999

Tracey Kiernan

Tracey Kiernan

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