Active Rehab  for All!  Movement and Manual Therapists Sports Athletes and Office Athletes!

Active Rehab for all, including Movement and Manual Therapists, Sports and Office Athletes! 3 days £360

Movement is the key to health. Our bodies were made to move. Today’s hectic lifestyles often mean that we are stuck sitting at computers, driving and being relatively sedentary whilst conversely somehow being busier than ever before. This has led to an epidemic of stuck bodies, musculoskeletal pain, and poor sleep patterns.

In November 2016 we finally had the news that massage is advised for low back pain and sciatica within the  NICE NHS guidelines. We have waited so long for this recognition from the medical profession, and yes we should share this news with everyone, clients and therapist friends alike.
It is important to note however that the recommendations include that manual therapy should only be recommended as part of a treatment package including exercise with or without psychological therapy.

There is a lot of ‘Sports Rehab’ training around for massage professionals which is great.  However a lot of this is directed at sports injury rehab and prevention, and may not be what your average client with low back pain or sciatica needs. These type of exercises are often aimed at stretching or strengthening muscles in isolation, as opposed to looking at the full picture.

Would you be able to look at someone and assess what needs stretching and what needs releasing, and then give them the appropriate exercises to achieve that balance to maintain your great work after they leave your clinic?
Do you know how to assess your client in motion to identify movement patterns that may be adding to the problem, and then how to help them change those habits for long lasting results? All of our courses at Blend include this  type of assessment as standard within each module, including client movement education.

However if you really want to be able to build a full package of exercise and rehab for your clients  then our three day Active Rehab for Movement and Manual Therapists is for you.
A Pilates based approach to rehab including a range of exercises to prescribe for you clients to complement the manual work you do.
Co-created and presented with the wonderful Jana Shirley from Vitality Pilates Huddersfield this course will give you all you need to assess your clients needs and deliver a great package of exercises to take home after treatment. Based on Jana’s Top Twenty One Killer Moves, these exercises are suited for clients of all ages and backgrounds, not just Sports Injuries.
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Active Rehab for Movement and Manual Therapists

We are so excited to launch this useful course; giving you the tools to enable your client to maintain their results after your treatment and prevent re-injury or a chronic issue returning.

This course will give you the confidence in 3 areas:

1) Accurate assessment. Which muscles are stuck long or stuck short. Which muscles need releasing & which need strengthening for common issues.

2) Specific Blend protocols for useful massage techniques relevant to their high priority areas.

3) Guiding clients through customized rehabilitative exercises for common issues, drawing upon 21 functional Pilates moves.

You will leave feeling safe in the knowledge that what you are doing completes a circle of care for your clients. Empowering your client with relevant & useful mobilizations, stretches & stability exercises tailored to their needs, level & life-phase.

Suitable for all bodywork professionals including massage therapists, phyios, yoga and pilates instructors.

February 25-27th 2017 £360

What you will learn

  • Learn how to incorporate a range of advanced stretching techniques including myofascial stretching into your bodywork, to facilitate release and improve range of motion.
  • Stretching your client during and after treatment assist the body to integrate the great work you have already done.
  • Teach your clients effective exercisesfor self care.

    Suitable for all bodywork professionals including massage therapists, phyios, yoga and pilates instructors.

  • Also suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to stretch themselves and stay mobile and active intend age!

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