BlendStone massage therapy
Is a beautiful flowing treatment which melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness and promotes deeper muscle relaxation through the application of heat during the treatment.

Unlike many stone training courses this teaches the use of hot stones for massage techniques as opposed to hot stone placement on the body.

There is nothing you can do with your hands that you cannot do with a hot stone. We will teach you how to use the stones so that they become a part of you, and give you the confidence to use them not only for relaxation but to incorporate them into all the work you do, including sports and remedial work, hands free massage, stretching and myofascial work! Apart from the benefits to your lucky clients, this will also help you save your hands from injury and extend your career.

This course and its advanced elements off the most comprehensive stone training available in the UK today. The Foundation is four days of intensive training with 90% hands on practice which includes all of the above elements allowing you to deliver beautiful full body treatments (including the face) for the purposes of both relaxation and the treatment of pain conditions with utter confidence.

You may then choose to go on to do a further two days training in Advanced sports techniques using both hot and cold stones, or the incredibly beautiful LomiStone training or both, giving a potential 8 days of intensive training in this amazing subject.

Advanced Blend SportStone Masterclass 2 days


Blend SportStone Masterclass  2 days amazing hands on stone training for therapists with a foundation in Stone Massage, this exciting 2 day course blends the beauty of Hot Stones with the practicality of a range of advanced techniques. Learn the benefits hydrotherapy and how it may be incorporated into your remedial and sports massage [...]

Advanced Blend LomiStone Massage Two Days


Two beautiful days of stunning flowing stone massage. Combining the spirituality and flow of Polynesian Lomi Lomi massage with the heat of the stones has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. Learn the principles and practice of Lomi Lomi techniques using the stones. Contact Tracey for more information or to book on [...]

The Foundation in BlendStone Massage 4 days £550


The Foundation in BlendStone Massage 4 days bespoke training just £550 The Foundation in BlendStone Massage £550 Small group bespoke training, all classes have 6 people or less. Receive one to one tuition and assessment in cosy comfortable surroundings. Tracey has been teaching Hot Stone massage across the UK for over 12 years. Hot Stones [...]


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