Train as a BlendScar Therapist

Train in as little as 2 weeks to become a BlendScar Therapist!

Change Lives

25 Hours of Learning

Gain qualification by dedicating two full days to study or schedule in a couple of hours a day over 2-3 weeks. Its totally up to you!

Self Paced Study

Giving you the freedom to plan your own training schedule to suit your needs.

Private FB Support Group

Live interactive training and 24/7 support with access to additional training videos for the entirety of the course within this group, and through the member's area of the website.

A scar is the tip of a fascial iceberg.

What you see on the surface is just a tiny part of what is happening below.

Surgery and trauma of any kind will present special challenges due to scarring and may also have effects throughout the body.

There is a growing awareness of the effect of scar tissue and the effect on the patient’s quality of life. Scar tissue may be the cause of:
Lack of connection
Lack of strength
Impact on performance
So many people have asked me how they can work with scar tissue, and integrate scar techniques with other therapies. So I decided to create a programme and share the know how with you.

This first in our exciting series of blended online training courses teach you all you need to know about working with scar tissue

About BlendScar Therapy

With over 20 years experience working with scars, Tracey developed her own unique approach back in 2003, which is both painless and highly effective. Unlike many scar therapy trainings Tracey includes a range of techniques for the whole body  that work on integrating the scar plus assessment techniques that will inform your practice for even better results.

Many therapists who work with scars find they get stuck with some of the more complicated cases, where pain and functional patterns were impacted by the scars.
With our fully integrated approach, we will discuss important considerations for anyone working in the field of manual or movement therapy with an emphasis on a holistic approach

Who can train as a BlendScar Therapist

Suitable for all manual  and movement therapists who hold a minimum level 3 bodywork qualification.

Fully Accredited and Insurable

Why Train in BlendScar Therapy

Many therapists who work with scars find they get stuck with some of the more complicated cases, such as hypertrophic and keloid scars.

With our fully rounded approach we will discuss how you can help improve aesthetic and function for even more complicated cases using our integrated  treatment method 

What the BlendScar Therapy course covers

You will learn how to:

  • Perform moving postural assessment, and assessment of the lines of restriction created by the scar to determine a fully rounded treatment for the individual
  • Blend scar therapy techniques with myofascial release and structural integration to enhance results for all types of scars
  • Each workshop includes how to integrate scar techniques with clinical massage for amazing results for work-ing with all kinds of scars
  • How working with scar tissue is essential to integration and client comfort
  • Why integration of fascial bodywork is essential to success with keloid scars
  • Research into keloid and hypertrophic scars to explain why this approach works

BlendScar Therapy training includes

  • The anatomy of injury and scar formation
  • How keloid and hypertrophic scars are formed and how we can help
  • The physiological and emotional impacts of scars
  • Scar Assessment
  • Moving Postural assessment
  • Indirect Fascial Bodywork
  • Unwinding
  • Massage
  • Structural Fascial Bodywork
  • Myofascial Stretching
  • Cranial Techniques
  • & Much More!

Other Courses in the range Include

  • Working With Head and Neck Cancer Trauma and Surgery
  • Working With Intra Oral Scars
  • BlendScar Therapy Thorax and Abdomen
  • BlendScar Therapy for the Hand and Arm
  • BlendScar Therapy for the Lower Limb

BlendScar Therapy Results and Testimonials

Real Results by Real Students!

Want to work with Oncology?

Combine BlendScar Therapy with the Blend Online Oncology Specific Training (BOOST)

£200 Savings

Blend Online Oncology Specific Training is and interactive mentored course for soft tissue therapists. It was the FIRST of its kind in the UK to be recognised by professional organisations and all major insurers.

Suitable for all manual and movement therapists with an interest in working with clients living with cancer this course qualifies you to work both hands on and online with the medically fragile client.

Comprising of beautiful PDF downloaded lessons, videos and  backed up by live online training sessions with Tracey course creator and director of Blend Therapy Training.

During this self paced course, you will have access to a Private Facebook Support Group where the interactive live training will happen.  You will be able to access videos for the entirety of the course within this group, and through the member’s area of the website.

With 200 hours of guided course content you will be covered by our school insurance whilst you study, and your own insurers will also cover you as a student.

Covering subjects as diverse as therapist self care to inform consent, treatments and side effects, to working with informed consent. 

This Advanced Post Graduate Diploma qualifies you to treat your clients with a history of or active cancer without the need to wait for consultant consent or for the 5 year remission period to be over.

For BlendScar Therapy

Who is the course suitable for?

Anyone who has a minimum level 3 bodywork qualification.

How long does the course take?

This blended learning course comprises 25 hours of self paced study, giving you the freedom to plan your own training schedule to suit your needs.
Some therapists put aside two days and go through it just as they would in class. Others may schedule in a couple of hours a day over 2-3 weeks. Its totally up to you!

How long do I have access to the materials for?

The course is evergreen meaning you can start when you are ready. The manuals are yours to keep forever, and you get a full access to the videos and the support group for 12 months from purchase

How is it delivered?

As well as lessons and videos for download through our members area we offer open interactive access to live teaching support from Tracey and the Blend team via facebook live sessions, the dedicated BlendScar Therapy Study Group, PLUS live video chat sessions for group discussion and a chance to ask questions and have answers in real time.

How do we access the course materials?

Whilst the material is delivered online Tracey will be very hands on.
The course is delivered through your private members area through giving you immediate and evergreen access to the course material

How is the course assessed?

Once you feel ready you simply send us a short video of you performing the techniques on a volunteer model. Once we are happy you are confident with the techniques we will send you your certificate.