TMJ Therapy
The World Health Organisation states that
1 in 4 people suffer TMJ Syndrome
Study a blend of massage and fascial techniques with trigger point work cranial work, fascial unwinding and postural assessment to bring relief from this debilitating condition in 1-6 treatments
About TMJ Therapy

In 2000 Tracey Kiernan combined her 20 years experience of working with TMJ patients, as a dental professional, with her training as a clinical massage therapist to create an effective protocol for getting people out of pain and restriction in less than 6 treatments.

In 2005 she created the first TMJ course which has been taught to hundreds of therapists across the UK, Europe, USA and Australia who are all achieving astounding results with this difficult problem. Almost 20 years later her training is now a fully accredited qualification. This versatile blended learning diploma combines 2 fully online modules with 3 days in class practical training that will build your business and change your practice forever.

The Qualification Pathway Includes:

Level 1

Online Course in Clinical Massage for TMJ

Level 2

Online Course in Advanced Myofascial Bodywork for TMJ

Level 3

Online course, Practical & Theory Assessment

Advanced TMJ specific protocols

Modules can be purchased individually
But if you want to complete the full diploma
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Also available as a fully accredited qualifying course suitable for Dental Professionals or anyone who would like to learn how to work with clients with this debilitating condition

Who can train?

For currently qualified manual therapists
Pre-requisite: Core educational training minimum level 3 in a manual or bodywork therapy such as Massage, Sports Massage, Bowen Therapy CST, Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy, Chiropractic Osteopathy etc. Students must have professional indemnity insurance to practice

For those beginning their bodywork practice this course may taken as a fully accredited qualifying course which includes 3 additional foundation online modules PLUS 1-2-1 and small group tutorials and grants you a professional qualification to practice. The additional cost for this option is £435 ( total cost including assessment and qualification £1885)

What Will I Learn?

TMJ 1 Syllabus

  • Signs and symptoms

  • Causes

  • Anatomy and physiology of the TMJ

  • Understanding fascia

  • Principles of trigger point therapy

  • Trigger point pain patterns

  • Introduction to Pterygoids and disc displacement

  • Standardised intake form assessment and record keeping

  • Dental terminology

  • Treatment planning

  • Client care

  • Health and safety/cross infection control/contra-indications to treatment Body mechanics

  • Body mechanics

  • Clinical and palpation assessment for masseter, temporalis, medial and lateral pterygoid

  • Full treatment protocol to include:

  • Direct Fascial release techniques

  • Indirect Fascial release techniques

  • Trigger point work

  • Passive/PNF/fascial stretches.

  • Assessing the cranial rhythm

This course now offers the option to include full training in how to deliver TMJ care online, Client Care Package, LIVE ongoing therapist support and a place on our TMJ Therapy® Register for life.

TMJ 2 Syllabus

  • Advanced clinical assessment techniques moving postural assessment and client rehab

  • Cranial nerves

  • Cranial and facial anatomy

  • Theory of cranio-sacral therapy, assessing the CSR.

  • Jaw and bite relationships and classification

  • Introduction to Biotensegrity and the TMJ

  • H&S cross infection control, contra-indications to treatment Vertebral artery insufficiency test

  • Evaluation of fascial mobility

  • Advanced Myofascial techniques soft tissues of the face and jaw including:

  • masseter, temporalis, medial pterygoid, lateral pterygoid, anterior and posterior digastric, hyoids, floor of mouth work

  • Evaluate and balance cranial and facial bones including sphenoid, maxilla, mandible, zygomatic, temporal, hyoid

  • Intra oral scarwork unwinding teeth and the periodontal ligament

  • Unwinding the fascial diaphragms

  • Standing assessment for hip height/leg length

  • discrepancy and SI joint issues.

TMJ 3 Syllabus

Course Content
  • The deep front line
  • Biotensegrity /hyoid/Pelvis connection

  • Techniques for rebalancing the Pelvis

  • Passive/PNF/Fascial stretches

  • Structural bodywork for the feet

  • Structural Integration for the Cranium

  • Review and refine knowledge and techniques, consolidate information and learning.

Theory & Practical
  • Live session zoom  practical review of techniques from TMJ1 and TMJ2.
  • Clinical Practice
  • Preparation for assessment
  • Live Zoom tutorial
  • Practical assessment:
  • Full consultation in a clinical setting to assess use of intake form, medical history and moving postural/palpation assessment and recording of findings.
  • Full treatment using appropriate techniques for the client lasting 1 hour Post treatment assessment, aftercare and review.
  • Total 2 hours including oral assessment.
  • Written paper
  • 1 hours written assessment to include:
  • Multiple choice questions, short answer questions to assess knowledge and understanding across all areas of learning
  • Extended answer questions.
Post Graduate Diploma in TMJ Therapy®.

Study levels 1-3 and become a TMJ specialist!

The Diploma in TMJ Therapy® is a blended learning diploma consists of three modules including clinical assessment and written exam. The courses may be taken as stand alone CPD or all the way to full qualification and the title of TMJ Therapist

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Modules can be purchased individually, But if you want to complete the full diploma
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