LEVEL 3 Blended Learning Online Course
Techniques and Learning Outcomes
Course Content
  • The deep front line
  • Biotensegrity /hyoid/Pelvis connection

  • Techniques for rebalancing the Pelvis

  • Passive/PNF/Fascial stretches

  • Structural bodywork for the feet

  • Structural Integration for the Cranium

Review and refine knowledge and techniques, consolidate information and learning.

Theory and Practical
  • Live session zoom  practical review of techniques from TMJ1 and TMJ2.
  • Clinical Practice
  • Preparation for assessment
  • Live Zoom tutorial
  • Practical assessment:
  • Full consultation in a clinical setting to assess use of intake form, medical history and moving postural/palpation assessment and recording of findings.
  • Full treatment using appropriate techniques for the client lasting 1 hour Post treatment assessment, aftercare and review.
  • Total 2 hours including oral assessment.
  • Written paper
  • 1 hours written assessment to include:
  • Multiple choice questions, short answer questions to assess knowledge and understanding across all areas of learning
  • Extended answer questions.
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