Blend Online Oncology Specfic Training for Soft Tissue Therapists

This groundbreaking online training is currently the only online training accepted and recognised by FHT and all major insurance companies.

About Blend Oncology Specific Training

This is an interactive mentored course comprising of beautiful PDF downloaded lessons backed up by live online training sessions with Tracey course creator and director of Blend Therapy Training.

During this gently paced 6 month course, you will have access to a Private Facebook Support Group where the interactive live training will happen.  You will be able to access videos for the entirety of the course within this group, and through the member’s area of the website.

Covering subjects as diverse as therapist self care to treatments and side effects, to working with informed consent. 

This course frees you to treat your clients with a history of or active cancer without the need to wait for consultant consent or for the 5 year remission period to be over.

Suitable for all soft tissue therapists or anyone wishing to gain a deeper understanding of working with the medically fragile client.