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MyoFascial bodywork is the future. If you are not addressing the fascia then you are missing out a huge piece of the bodywork/pain/restriction puzzle.

All practicing manual therapists need to have an understanding of fascia and it’s role in pain and restrictions, emotional and physical issues. Fascial pioneers and educators such as Ida Rolf, Joseph Heller, John Barnes, John Upledger, Tom Myers, Robert Shleip, Jean Pierre Barral, Sharon Wheeler, Gil Hedley, Julian Baker Carla Stecco, and many more have dedicated their lives to bringing us everything we need to know about this previously ignored yet oh so important organ of the body. We are eternally grateful to those and everyone who takes us further onto this wonderful fascial journey.

Blend Myofascial and Structural Bodywork courses are unique in that they include a combination of Bodywork, Movement Education and Dialogue,which includes helping your clients to recognize any ongoing physical and attitudinal patterns which contribute to tension in the body.

Inspired by the work of many,these courses will introduce you to a range of effective techniques drawing from both direct and indirect myofascial approaches, cranial work and visceral manipulation.

If you are new to this work, we suggest completing the Fundamentals of Fascial Release one day course first as this will introduce you to the wonderful world of fascia with a variety of essential fascial techniques to incorporate this work into your practice immediately.  If you need some advice on choosing which course may be best for you contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to help.


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