Phoenix Rising

A New Paradigm For Women Who Want To Have It All

Are you ready to enter the Phoenix Rising Paradigm?

Are you truly ready to HAVE IT ALL?

This flowing programme is for women who want to have it all and are ready to embrace their power! Align your work with your natural inherent feminine rhythms.  
See your business take off without having to push and hustle. (that definitely does not resonate with the feminine)
Transform your personal life and relationships
Live with peace and integrity as you grow your practice so you may serve others on an elevated level
The Blend Abundant Business Trifecta includes abundance and manifestation training, mindset reset training plus practical direct face to face business coaching.  The skills you learn here will take your business, personal life, love and relationships next level.
Law of Attraction Course and Rapid Abundance Program

Manifesting 365: Learn to Live in Abundance EVERY day
A full year of experiential learning and hands on live coaching with Tracey.
Over 24 face to face sessions to bring you abundance in all areas of your life


transformational, easy to implement business strategy and systems to make 2021 your best year in business ever.

Let your business be a powerful source of good for the world in a way that aligns with your natural rhythms and empowers you to create prosperity.

This section is broken down into easy to access knowledge which is delivered completely live.
No extensive workbooks or assignments to complete. Although beautiful notes will be provided for you for reference only, no additional written work required from you
Just show up 2-3 hours a month as we deliver this unique programme live and in person through 2-3 live trainings a month for 12 months.
The simple fact is, that we can do great work for ourselves in a short period of time if we know how.
But as we travel through the seasons of life it is so easy to slip back into old mindsets and habits.
Over a full year this program will embed this new way of thinking, and creating, so deep into you it becomes totally natural to you and then abundance just flows with ease.
In typical BLEND style the live sessions will include:
Live and recorded Guided meditations and visualisations to keep you on track throughout the year
NB: Face to face live coaching is twice a month: sometimes there will be bonus sessions if we feel you need additional support
The module plans are laid out below just some of the subjects we will cover.
Please note the coaching sessions that go along with this part of the course will be bespoke to you in that moment.
Every month we will give you personal business advice, strategies and systems to elevate your business and keep you motivated and on track for success 


In depth training into combining powerful transformational energy boosters such as crystals with feung shui and other powerful natural remedies including essential oils and herbs.
Working with the natural rhythms including the seasons and moon phases to boost your abundance in all areas of your life Plus Happy New Year x 3!
Advanced Marketing and visibility strategies that align with your values for accelerated business growth 
Creating powerful content with ease sending a message that resonates with your ideal client who will be inspired to work with you
Elevate your practice into a 6 figure business through organic heart centred marketing practices
Follow Tracey’s unique seasonal business transformation process, utilising your inherent feminine magic for expanded business growth with integrity

Manifesting 365 a 12 month journey of self development, abundance training and business strategy.

Module 1

Happy New Year
Rapid Abundance Activation
manifesting 365
Live coaching x 2
Business planning, packages and goal setting
The wheel of the year
Traceys unique seasonal approach to your business alignment and integrity
8 events explaining each one and why you should combine them in your manifestation
Celebrate and draw in the energy by setting altars, certain food and drink to raise vibration further

Module 2

Chinese New Year/Imbolc/Candlemas
Live coaching x 2 plus
Using CRM software to serve your clients better whilst saving you time
The moon: working with moon phases to boost your powerful manifestation practice.
The moon affects us all. Discover how working with the phases of the moon can help you align your practice business and personal life with these natural feminine rhythms.
When to slow down, when to power up, when to rest and when to GROW

Module 3

Spring Equinox
Live coaching x 2 plus
Using CRM software to manage and market to your client database
Online scheduling as an upgrade to your services
Prices and Packages
What are crystals
The science
Choosing your crystals
Using chakra alignment for prescribing
Size doesn't matter
Basic care

Module 4

Live coaching x 2 plus
Tax Matters: Everything your need to know for your taxes and tax returns with Jordan our Tax Expert
Your essential 13 crystal power set
7 chakras
6 boosters
Legend of Atlantis /Edgar Cayce Record keeper Crystals
Phantom Crystals What each one means

Module 5

Beltane/ May Eve
Live coaching x 2 plus
Creating funnels and landing pages for successful marketing campaigns
Natural Power Boosters
Your Abundance Blend

Essentail oils for health, wealth, love and more
Oil correspondences

Module 6

Summer Solstice
Live coaching x 2 plus
Building Your Practice
Supercharge your public profile for success
Full live Chakra balancing session and guided meditation

Advanced Abundance with Elemental Manifestation

Next level manifestation for personal and business success

Module 7

Taking your business into a whole new paradigm for success

6 month check in for you and your business with a private 121 session with Tracey to get you super laser focused on what you need to go even further.

Planning for the next 6 months

Module 8

Lammas Harvesting the fruits of your labour
Live coaching x 2 plus
Financial Planning For Your Future
Herbal correspondences for health wealth love and more
Creating your own herbal abundance incense blend
Colour correspondences

Module 9

Autumn Equinox
Live coaching x 2 plus
Business growth and building Your Dream Team
Combining crystals for power ups
Crystal grids and placements for:
Advanced dedication ceremony

Module 10

Live coaching x 2 plus
Automations for an easy life

Preparing for winter in your business
Reflection and learning how to plan do and review for excellence in everything

How to achieve mastery in your business so you can take time to step back

Module 11

Happy New Year! Time to Plan!
Live coaching x 2 plus
Financial Planning for next year
The 5 elements
Working with the elementals

Module 12

Winter Solstice
Live coaching x 2 plus
Your new year business plan, goals and marketing for the next 12 months
Example power up rituals for the big 4
Glorious Graduation Ceremony

Every module includes business strategy training sessions where we will focus on the exact areas you specifically need help with to transform your business

  • One each month is all about manifestation, abundance and energetic healing
  • One each month is straight-up business strategy
  • Additional bonus sessions may be offered if Tracey thinks they are needed
  • Easy pace, experiential-based live trainings
  • No workbooks or assignments just beautiful notes provided for your reference 
  • Special Guest Experts pop in to offer bespoke advice
  • Self Care and mindset training