Rapid Abundance Reprogramme Course


This special 28 day programme is on offer at this special price to those who have completed Day One with Tracey in the Abundance Activation Workshop

This is  something usually taken 1-2-1 within high ticket coaching programmes starting at £3000 BUT this special offer is a group experience to help you continue what you have started in the workshop

Module one: 7 days: 

Beginning Abundance £297

Immediate access to the stunning manuals and workbooks in this course on purchase

This beautiful course helps prepare you to put everything in place over the first week, you will continue to revisit  this course throughout the programme and the worksheets will help keep you on track

Module 2 

You will be added to your Rapid Abundance Reprogramme Group for the

21 day Rapid Abundance Reprogramme Course Value £597

You will be given access to a group where you will continue with DAILY audio sessions that will reprogram and rewire you for abundance

Doing this work allows you to attract what you want most in life by focussing on the 3 key areas below and finding success in all areas of your life.

Your thoughts control your feelings

Your feelings control your actions

Your actions control your events

The mind learns by repetition

The audio is just 30 minutes a day

Audio will be on the group where you can access it each day for 21 days

You can ask questions share your experiences and any changes you experience on the group and have ongoing support from me personally through the group all the way through

Once a week we will have a group coaching success call checking in with you and how you are doing and helping you work through the Beginning Abundance workbook Value £297

Module 3 At the end of the course you will have a 1-2-1 session with Tracey value £500 to see how you are doing and get laser focused on any further blocks and get them cleared for good.

This course builds on the work you have done to rapidly move you forward into your most gorgeous long abundant and joyful life


Money Mindset Reset Workbook you will work through at own pace help keep you on track and moving forwards Value £197


Total value is £1600


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