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So what is the course all about? You all know I am all for supporting therapists to find ways to keep their clients and practice going by getting into online session delivery. I firmly believe that we can give an amazing service to our clients using the knowledge you already have face to face using technology but still with your usual loving care.

Therapists who move their services online are bucking the trend! Now, more than ever, your services will be required

However Therapists DO need to understand how to deliver online self massage sessions safely and legally. Did you know that many insurers will not cover you if you are teaching self massage or therapy to someone you have never worked with before?

Even for established clients the online paper trail alone plus the many protocols, tech equipment and other stuff you need to think about could have you spinning around, and be what is stopping you from taking action now!

With this in mind I have created a brand new online training ‘Taking Your Manual Therapy Practice Online’ is open to all who serve clients within the manual therapy and coaching professions.

The course is made up of a series of easy to follow how to videos, plus a bunch of gorgeous PDF downloads to go deeper with explanations of protocols and useful paperwork and forms that you will need to have ready before you even begin!

Course content includes:

– Everything you need to know/do to set up an online practice?

– How you can I keep your established. clients well and supported?

– How to take on more clients by offering online information and consultations

– Setting up community groups and rocking your social media to keep client engagement now and forever

Online marketing for your practice

Performing safe professional online consultations

Insurance and Industry Guidelines for contraindications and precautions for self care

Informed Consent

Legal requirements for online working

Listening skills

Maintaining professionalism and strengthening boundaries for online care

Done-for-you templates for online consultation, consent and more

Done-for-you exercise sheets for self care

Methods – how to utilise what you already know to create great self help sessions with example videos for common pain conditions

Setting up your workspace for both ease and professionalism

All about the TECH! Lights, camera action!

On camera training for the camera shy person

How to be camera ready to go in five minutes

Best Free and Paid for Platforms for consultation

Free Online Scheduling apps that multitask FOR YOU

Taking payments online

Working out your pricing


PLUS!! FREE BONUS! Mini Canva course, how to create great graphics for free to use in your groups and sessions (THIS alone is worth £99)

Even if you don’t feel ready for delivering online massage or self help appointments just yet or you feel your clients won’t buy into it, it IS time to start building your audience so that you will be ahead of the competition, and can also have a steady stream of online clients

We will help you

– focus on engaging and interacting with your current and prospective clients

– start to create loyalty… it is about offering value, great advice, and building a list of future clients

– they will remember who was there to help and support them

– even if you can’t meet them in person, or don’t want got begin practical sessions you can do face to face online/phone consultations, informative posts and live chats

– offer several bespoke packages with information, links to blogs, links to advice pages etc… which address issues that people may have

– the more value you can add now, the more your prospective clients will remember you… give as much extra as you can

– if you are still advertising and your competitors aren’t, who do you think is going to be in the sub-conscious of your audience?

– those not doing all of this, will more than likely find themselves struggling as the social distancing restrictions keep on and even when we DO get back to work!

SO book your course NOW. So when you are ready you have everything to hand and you are GOOD TO GO!


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