TMJ Therapy® TMJSOS® Course delivery and Therapists Licence and Registration

Building on the success of the original TMJ Therapy® training, this unique online course incorporates training in the TMJ Therapy Self Help Online System 

This course will give you a range of skills to combat this common and debilitating condition, build your confidence and grow your practice by working face to face online in person, 121 and deliver group classes in the management of TMJ Dysfunction.

Protect your business, earn an online and passive income with full training and support from the original creator of TMJ Therapy®

Training includes: TMJSOS® Therapists delivery manual PLUS full access to the 5 part client system PLUS one year on the TMJSOS® Therapist Register to enable you to both advertise your skills and also to receive referrals from our website.

NB we can make no guranteee that referrals will be received, we direct our clientst to the register to choose a therapist.



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