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All of our Advanced Bodywork Course Series (ABC) are designed for professional therapists
Are you looking to be re-inspired, refresh your skills, and expand your knowledge.


Blend teach a wide range of one two and three days workshops in Advanced Sports and Clinical Bodywork Massage techniques which will revolutionise your practice, increase your confidence in dealing with complex cases of pain and restriction, and help you get people out of pain and increase mobility in less than 6 treatments.


Techniques including Trigger Point Therapy, direct and indirect fascial release, Sports and myofascial stretching are all a part of each course we teach in the ABC Series


We will cover anatomy, physiology, pathology, treatment planning, client movement education and more.

TMJ Head and Neck Pain
Upper Body Pain
Low Back Pain
Pelvic Girdle Pain
Lower Limb Pain
Arm and Hand Pain
Thorax Ribs and Viscera
Active Rehab For All! Manual and Movement Therapists, Sports and Office Athletes!


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