Steven Goldstein The deep front line September 3/4th 2018 Wigan £300

The Deep Front Line Steven Goldstein 3/4th September 2019 Blend Wigan £300

Steven Goldstein 3/4th September 2019 Wigan £300

Steven Goldstein, an American émigré to Australia in 1999, resides in Melbourne, Australia, where he holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Musculoskeletal Therapy and Bachelor of Arts in Education.  He is an innovative massage educator instructing his unique blend of direct myofascial, indirect osteopathic releasing methods and somatic approaches known as Integrative Fascial Release www.fascialrelease.cominternationally since 1995. Steven chaired the Australian Association Massage Therapists AAMT National Education Subcommittee from 2004-2011 and chaired the Internal Course Advisory Committee for Musculoskeletal Therapy Degree at Endeavour College of Natural Health 2005-2007.

He has been a regular contributor to AAMT Journal and NHP Canada’s Connections magazines, and has been a frequent presenter at conferences in Australia for various associations including: AAMT, AMT, ATMS, IRMA Myotherapy, Olympic Soft-Tissue Injury Forum in Melbourne and the Bowen Federation of Australia BTFA.  Presented Fibromyalgia: Clinical Approaches for the Manual Therapist at the 21st NHP Canada National Conference 2009 & the 2014 25th National Conference in Melbourne for AMT Australian Massage Therapists.

Steven has blended global lines of myofascial tension (Myers) (Schleip) (Paoletti), with articular receptor facilitation to unwrap and unwind soft-tissue with little or no force. He has drawn from the work of Micheal Shea for Autonomic Nervous System approach and expression as the foundation of any soft-tissue work, and Craniosacral therapy to facilitate change to transverse planes.

Perspectives on Application of Technique for Complex Lines of Myofascial Tension: Deep Front Line

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

Locate and understand the soft-tissue components that constitute the Deep Front Line (Myers)
Understand postural and movement functions that correspond to this line.
Assessment of the soft-tissue structures of the line, including;
Tibialis Posterior
Posterior intermuscular septum
Adductor Magnus
Adductor Brevis and Longus
Infra and Supra-Hyoids

Introduction to ‘Fans of the Hip Joint’(Myers). How these structures relate as a ‘unit’.
Understanding how the relationship of these structures allows increased clinical outcomes.
Practice MET on toe extensor/flexors to ease tension to related structures such as popliteus, pectineus and psoas
Treatment of any single muscle must be in relation to the group that constitutes the ‘line’ or ‘fan’.
Trochanteric Fan
Ramic Fan
Ischial Fan

Introduction to Fascial Therapy techniques
‘Ease’Bind’ assessment and technique
‘Stacking’ barriers
Static – Umbilicus

Specific DFL Assessment & Technique

Humeral Short Levers
Pleural fascia at mediastinum
Fingertip technique to infra and supra hyoids
Main hyoids introduced

Types of diaphragms
Postural Restoration Institutes Diaphragm
Zone of Apposition
Poly Articular Chains
Anterior Interior Chain
Brachial Chain
Techniques for Diaphragm
PRI- AIC Technique

Side Lying techniques for the following:
Quadratus Lumborum- Illiac Fascia
Triangular Space – External oblique/thoracolumbar fascia
FT ‘Grasp’
Lumbar Spine Facet Motion
Pin & Shift
Adductor magnus
Pin & Shift
Obturator Internus
Pin & shift
Appley’s Squish
Pin & Shift

Understand the line is relational, that is, conceptually consider it linked and inter-related.

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