Qualify with the Advanced Diploma

in TMJ Therapy ®

This qualifying course is fully accredited with ThinkTree and is suitable for anyone wishing to work in this field. No prior qualifications are required. This comprehensive in depth training will give you everything you need to work with this debilitating condition.

The course is also suitable for dental professionals who want to take a holistic and practical approach to the musculoskeletal side of this work.

Also open to professionally qualified bodywork therapists who are looking to expand their knowledge and boost their practice.

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Train with THE original creator of TMJ Therapy®️. With 40 years of combined experience as both dental professional and clinical massage therapist Tracey Kiernan’s TMJ Therapy® is a specialised protocol for the relief of the many symptoms of this much misunderstood and debilitating condition. Developed in clinical practice this groundbreaking work has been getting people out of pain and restriction for almost 20 years.

No pre-requisite this is a fully accredited qualifying course


The World Health Organisation postulated that 1 in 4 people suffer head and neck pain, with conventional treatment having little or no effect

In 2000 after almost 20 years as a dental nurse, Tracey Kiernan combined her extensive experience of working with TMJ patients with her training as a clinical massage therapist to create an effective protocol for getting people out of pain and restriction in less than 6 treatments.

In 2005 she created the first one day Introduction to TMJ course which has been taught to hundreds of therapists across the UK, who are all achieving astounding results with this difficult problem.

Tracey has presented on the subject as far afield as Copenhagen where she worked with Gunna Højgaard sharing her work at the prestigious MassageSkolen.

These unique skills will help you achieve results with patients who have often suffered for years with little hope of recovery

The course has now been developed and refined as Tracey’s specialist work on this subject has evolved over the last 20 years.

The Advanced Diploma in TMJ Therapy®.

This unique series is made up of

Three online theory modules.

Three pre learning packs delivered to your inbox

3 x 2 day hands on practical modules spread over 9 months.

Your investment for this pioneering training is just £1485.

For those who already hold a professional bodywork qualification the online modules will not be required and accreditation for prior learning (APL) will be awarded. The cost for the course will then be just £1105

Training schedule and assessment criteria

Online training modules 

Level 3 Anatomy Physiology and Pathology

A bespoke blended learning module designed for Complementary Therapists and Wellness Professionals

This accredited and certificated module provides students with a carefully sequenced learning experience that combines structured reading with online learning and assessment activities in preparation for a final online examination and written assignment linked to individual conditions and contraindications to treatment.

Your enrolment includes all administration and certification, FREE membership to ThinkTree Hub as a student and or full qualified member and TWO FREE comprehensive text books (value RRP £38.98) that are yours to keep and use within your studies and for reference when qualified and practicing as a therapist.

Level 3 Health Safety and Hygeine

An essential health, safety & hygiene module for the professional therapist

This L3 Health, Safety & Hygiene module provides health and wellness professionals with an introduction to the competencies required to successfully manage workplace health and safety activities.

It provides an easy to understand overview of:

1 how to manage health, safety & hygiene in the workplace

2 how to identify workplace hazards and establish control measures to minimise risks

3 how to monitor health, safety & hygiene within the workplace and recommend improvements to policies and procedures.

A Certificate of Achievement will be awarded on successful completion of an on-screen multiple choice quiz (Pass Grade 80%)

Level 3  Business and Management 

Essential business and management knowledge for Health & Wellness Professionals

This L3 Business & Management module provides health and wellness professionals with an introduction to the competencies required to successfully launch, develop and operate a small business. It provides an easy to understand overview of:

1 Legal and financial requirements

2 Business and marketing planning

A Certificate of Achievement will be awarded on successful completion of an on-screen multiple choice quiz (Pass Grade 80%)

There are a total of 6 days classroom led learning and practical training. Ongoing in class assessment includes multiple choice answers, oral questions and written questions.

Total 50 hours

Guided learning hours of home study theory made up of 3 theory module packs which are each delivered prior to the practical modules. Recommended reading list plus online reading and research. 

Reflective Journal.
Client log: a basic record of the number of clients treated over the course of the year.

Total 80 hours

Case Studies
6 case studies treatments consisting of 3 x 2 hours each to include assessment, record keeping and treatment.

 Each case study to have a completed standardised intake form at the start of and on completion of each course of treatment.
Up to 1000 word resume to be completed per case study to include reflection as part of the ongoing assessment process.

Total 54 hours

Examination and assessment
There is a 1 day practical (2.5 hours) /viva voce (30 mins) and written assessment (2 hours) with tutorial review 3 hours Included in the final practical module.

Total 8 hours

Total learning hours minimum: 200 hours.

Course structure and pre-requisites

There are three modules which may be taken as stand alone modules for CPD or together as the full qualification.

  • TMJ1 2 days advanced clinical massage for TMJ Therapy®
  • TMJ2 2 days advanced myofascial bodywork for TMJ Therapy®
  • TMJ3 Review and clinical assessment days for TMj Therapy®
  • You are required to have completed TMJ1 before embarking on TM2.
  • Those who have trained with Tracey Kiernan previously on this subject may be eligible for APL (Accredited for Prior Learning) Please contact us to discuss your options
  • We recommend a minimum of three months clinical practice between TMJ1 and TMJ2.
  • We recommend a minimum of 6 months to complete case studies and home study before attending TMJ3


Workshop Pathway

TMJ1 2 days

Pre-requisite: completion of the three online modules in Anatomy Physiology and Pathology, Health and Safety, and Business Management. These may be undertaken alongside the theory and practical modules but must be completed before the qualification is awarded

Pre learning pack: theory manual sent two weeks before course plus recommended reading

Techniques and learning outcomes:

Signs and symptoms
Anatomy and physiology of the TMJ
Understanding fascia
Principles of trigger point therapy
Trigger point pain patterns
Introduction to Pterygoids and disc displacement
Standardised intake form assessment and record keeping
Dental terminology
Treatment planning
Client care
Health and safety/cross infection control/contra-indications to treatment Body mechanics

Body mechanics
Clinical and palpation assessment for masseter, temporalis, medial and lateral pterygoid
Full treatment protocol to include:
Direct Fascial release techniques
Indirect Fascial release techniques
Trigger point work
Passive/PNF/fascial stretches.
Assessing the cranial rhythm

A CPD certificate will be sent by email to all students following completion of the workshop.

TMJ2 2 Days

Pre-requisite TMJ1.

Pre learning pack: theory manual sent two weeks before course plus recommended reading

TMJ2 enhances understanding and takes the skills from TMJ1 to an advanced level incorporating a range of myofascial bodywork techniques.

Techniques and learning outcomes.

Pre learning pack and theory two weeks before plus recommended reading

Advanced clinical assessment techniques moving postural assessment and client rehab
Cranial nerves
Cranial and facial anatomy
Theory of cranio-sacral therapy, assessing the CSR.
Jaw and bite relationships and classification
Introduction to Biotensegrity and the TMJ
H&S cross infection control, contra-indications to treatment Vertebral artery insufficiency test

Evaluation of fascial mobility
Advanced Myofascial techniques soft tissues of the face and jaw including:
masseter, temporalis, medial pterygoid, lateral pterygoid, anterior and posterior digastric, hyoids, floor of mouth work
Evaluate and balance cranial and facial bones including sphenoid, maxilla, mandible, zygomatic, temporal, hyoid
Intra oral scarwork unwinding teeth and the periodontal ligament
Unwinding the fascial diaphragms
Standing assessment for hip height/leg length
discrepancy and SI joint issues.

A CPD certificate will be sent by email to all participants following completion of the workshop

Case study preparation and tutorial: 6 case studies x 3 treatments

TMJ3 2 days

Pre-requisite TMJ1 and TMJ2
Day one: 

Techniques and learning outcomes.

Day one:
The deep front line
Biotensegrity /hyoid/Pelvis connection

Techniques for rebalancing the Pelvis
Passive/PNF/Fascial stretches
Structural bodywork for the feet
Structural Integration for the Cranium
Review and refine knowledge and techniques, consolidate information and learning.

Day two
Treating TMJ clients in a clinical setting.

Practical assessment:
Full consultation in a clinical setting to assess use of intake form, medical history and moving postural/palpation assessment and recording of findings.
Full treatment using appropriate techniques for the client lasting 1 hour Post treatment assessment, aftercare and review.
Total 2.5 hours including oral assessment.
Written paper
2 hours written assessment to include:
Multiple choice questions, short answer questions to assess knowledge and understanding across all areas of learning
Extended answer questions.

Course Dates:

TMJ Therapy® Summer 2019

8/9th August 2019 TMJ1 Wigan

3/4th December 2019 TMJ2 Wigan

30/31st March 2020 TMJ3 Wigan

TMJ Therapy® Spring 2020

2/3rd March 2020 TMJ1 Wigan

8/9th June 2020 TMJ2 Wigan

16th/17th November 2020 TMJ3 Wigan

TMJ Therapy® Summer 2020  

6/7th July 2020TMJ1 Wigan

26/27th October 2020 TMJ2 Wigan

26/27th April 2021  TMJ3 Wigan

Full Qualifying Diploma £1485

Post Graduate Diploma £1105

Contact Tracey today to discuss your options including affordable payment plans.: 07739694056 [email protected]


NB: You are required to have completed TMJ1 before embarking on TMJ2. Those who have trained with Tracey previously on this subject or with her approved instructors only may be eligible for APL (Accredited for Prior Learning) 

Contact Tracey for more information or to book on [email protected] or call/text 07739694056 to book your place on this specialist course.

We expect a huge demand for this groundbreaking qualification so do book early to ensure your place!