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The TMJ Therapy® Self Help System

understand tmj

Why understanding the relationship between your soft tissues and your condition will change your life!

Video guides

Visual demonstrations of the exercises which are best for the different problems that arise

discover key techniques

Clear demonstrations of how to identify and access these trigger points safely, painlessly and effectively

Access to therapists

Go deeper with 1-to-1 advice and support with a qualified and accredited TMJ Therapist

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  • positive review  When Tracey first started teaching her TMJ protocol in 2005 it revolutionised Myofascial Release and remedial massage. As a former dental nurse she had already gained training and hands-on experience in temporal mandibular joint function. Combining this with her skills as a Myofascial Release therapist resulted in a series of techniques and strategies which rocked the massage world and brought relief to thousands of people troubled by TMJ pain and dysfunction. She has refined her protocol over and over and it is now, I believe, the most effective method available. Thank you, Tracey!

    Anne Cheshire Avatar Anne Cheshire
    April 3, 2020