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This fully accredited online training includes TMJ Therapy®, TMJSOS® Self-help Online System PLUS our APNT endorsed Take Your Practice Online Course.

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Learn at your own pace with comprehensive training manuals, clear video guides, LIVE training and tutorials PLUS online written and practical assessments.

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Use the techniques in this course to help your clients AND yourself out of pain and restriction quickly and effectively. Adaptations to treatment plus access to client video tutorials ensure continuity of care in any situation.

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Evergreen access to our friendly community of TMJ Therapists. Get referrals, source advice and support with your practice 24/7 through our dedicated community support group

What is TMJ Therapy the complete solution®?

In 2000 Tracey Kiernan combined her extensive knowledge and 20 years experience as a Dental Professional with her skills as a clinical Massage therapist in 2000, to create TMJ Therapy®. 

The work was Developed in clinical Practice working with real Clients. Results were astounding with people who had suffered for 20 years getting relief in less than 6 treatments.

 As an experienced therapy tutor Tracey decided to Create her first TMJ Therapy® course to enable more Therapists to help as many people as possible.

20 years later recognised as THE TMJ Expert, the Training has Evolved into a fully accredited qualification in TMJ Therapy®. massage Therapists, Fascial therapists, Movement Practitioners, Dental hygienists, Dental Nurses and Dentists are all using these techniques to bring Relief from pain and restriction.

As A Business Mentor And Coach Tracey Is Also Passsionate About Empowering Therapists To Have An Amazing Business And Profitable Practice.

With the Advent of the Pandemic, We Were Now In Lockdown.  Therapists Business Had Come To A Standstill.

Having Worked With Therapists For Over 20 Years Tracey Knew What They Needed More Than Anything, Was To Be Set Up To Work Remotely As Quickly As Possible With Efficient Online Administration And Business Systems To Upgrade Their Practice And Secure Their Financial Future.

And So, by the end of March 2020 Tracey had Created Her Unique Therapists Focused Take Your Practice Online Course. The Course Was SO Popular And SO Thorough It Was Endorsed Immediately By The Association Of Physical And Natural Therapists As The Course Of Choice For Anyone Needing To Work Online With Clients.

Therapists Who Take This Training Will Be Able To Secure Insurance To Work Online ANYWHERE In The World, Including USA And Canada.

To Complete The Trilogy For Excellence In TMJ Care, to Empower Clients and in order to provide continued Support for clients Tracey Then created the TMJSOS® Self Help Online System.

A fully Loaded self acre package for clients which includes online sessions with trained TMJ Therapists, backed up with thorough Client educations PLUS a series of 6 practical Videos Demonstrating the self Care Techniques for TMJ Dsfunction

TMJ Therapy® The Complete Solution

Begin your journey to becoming a TMJ Specialist, boost your income and client base, and most importantly make a real impact in people’s lives with this special one time launch offer and save £150!

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This training will enable you to:

  • add a whole new therapy to your Treatment menu.
  • Add a whole new income stream to your practice.
  • Work remotely With TMJ Clients across the globe
  • Run group sessions for Clients in person
  • Boost your income keep working and secure your business even in a pandemic.
  • FREE place on the TMJ Therapy® Register for life (Value £47 per year)
  • FREE Client Onboarding Professional TMJ Therapy® Welcome Pack (Value £47)
  • FREE membership of our dedicated Student body support Group which includes monthly live trainings (priceless)

All of this would usually cost over £1245

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Who Can Train in TMJ Therapy® The Complete solution?

Therapists holding a minimum level 3 bodywork qualification may undertake this course package as a post graduate qualification and begin working clients immediately.

However, for anyone looking for a change of career with an interest in massage and bodywork TMJ Therapy® is also a FULLY ACCREDITED Qualification, meaning ANYONE can train and become professionally qualified and insured to work with people living with TMJ dysfunction. 

What Will I Learn?



Special Pre-Launch Offer. 

Buy TMJ Therapy® the complete Solution and get:

  • Professional TMJ Therapy® Practitioner Training
  • AND Full Training in Delivery of TMJSOS®
  • AND Take Your Practice Online Training
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Our Customers say

  • positive review  When Tracey first started teaching her TMJ protocol in 2005 it revolutionised Myofascial Release and remedial massage. As a former dental nurse she had already gained training and hands-on experience in temporal mandibular joint function. Combining this with her skills as a Myofascial Release therapist resulted in a series of techniques and strategies which rocked the massage world and brought relief to thousands of people troubled by TMJ pain and dysfunction. She has refined her protocol over and over and it is now, I believe, the most effective method available. Thank you, Tracey!

    Anne Cheshire Avatar Anne Cheshire
    April 3, 2020

TMJ Therapy® The Complete Solution

Begin your journey to becoming a TMJ Specialist, boost your income and client base, and most importantly make a real impact in people’s lives with this special one time launch offer and save £341

OR Buy TMJ1 to begin your Journey for just £547

Fully accredited and insurable

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